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Sleepy Craft Studios provides its models for personal use under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license. We will provide kits and offer complete builds of our keyboards over at our shop when we are ready! Full build guides are in progress, thanks for your patience. For now we offer fully assembled keyboards built to order.

Sleepy Keeb

Sleepy Keeb in Blue-Silver Silk front view

The Sleepy Keeb is a hand-wired keyboard based on the 4x12 Planck layout. The Sleepy Planck integrates hot-swap socket and diode holders into the plate for easier building.

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Sleepy Keeb Split

Sleepy Keeb Split plate in Pink full. Front view.

The Sleepy Keeb Split is a 4x6 split hand-wired keyboard. The plate and case are designed to be 3d printed. The plate includes holders for hot-swap sockets and diode holders, making the build a breeze.

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